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The Problem

The food industry is a high-risk business proposition. You’ve got a lofty level of competition and a lot of details to perfect. The menu, customer Service, management, hiring and training staff, marketing, capital and ofcourse many law regulations to follow when it comes to the product development process.

The Solution

A product that will allow you to sell food without any constraints, law limitations, or need of hiring extra staff to manage them. Our revolutionary pizza vending machines are the perfect tools for your indoor or outdoor business. They can be placed in hotels, bars, gas stations, offices and many more.

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Increase your sales fast and easy

Bars - Pubs- Bowling Halls

How about increasing your sales by turning your bartender to a pizza chef in only 4 minutes? The Mini Pizza24 is a complete solution that allows you to offer delicious hot pizzas to your customers without having to invest any money or unnecessary exppences.

Gas Stations

Thousands of people stop every day in gas stations to put fuel in their cars and maybe have something quick to eat. But not all gas stations have the possibility to offer food or snacks.
The Mini Pizza24 is a perfect solution to this prob- lem. In only 4 minutes, while people are waitong, they can take a hot pizza with them on the way back home.

Hotels - B&B

Tourists around the world love to eat pizza. Many guest check in late in the evening when the restaurant is closed. Is there any alternative solution on that?

Yes there is! Having a Mini Pizza24 you can give your hotel guest the possibility to eat something delicious 24/7 with respect in all aspects of the highest standards.


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Make money, fast and easy.

You need to sell only
2 pizzas a day to pay your investement back!

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